Tavares e Panizzi Sociedade de Advogados is formed by experienced professionals with over 30 years experience and an established concept in the market. The knowledge, personal characteristics and skills of the partners Gildo Viegas Tavares (OAB/RS 20.072) and Shirley Dilecta Panizzi Fernandes (OAB/RS 33.279) reinforce the qualified legal services provided by the Office, which is aimed at assisting clients in a number of segments.

Thinking, advocating, creating projects and planning are shared effectively between the partners and the working team, aiming to renewing and qualifying. The model adopted is focused on tradition and modernity; providing permanent legal support to clients, fast and reliable answers, according to high ethical standards and, especially, resulting in efficient working, effective and with quality.


Tavares e Panizzi provide legal services nationally, keeping a network with partner offices to act in their respective locations, safely and practically.


We aim to provide customer service in several areas, defending or filing lawsuits. The office works intensively on preventive law, aiming to prevent or reduce risks.


It involves the relationship between the company and its employees, outsourced workers and cooperative members, trade unions and others. The performance also extends to administrative (Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare), and the demands to the Public Ministry of Labor.


Due to consumer protection standards, the firm is specialized in consumer relations for assisting supply companies. Thus, it acts defending Legal Proceedings in Court and before Administrative Proceedings (PROCON, INMETRO and others), as well as it provides guidelines to companies about relationship between suppliers and consumers.


We provide assistance on relationships between companies, negotiations, charges, contractual relationship with commercial representatives (negotiations/reviews, termination of contracts), relationships with distributors and others.


It covers indemnities, Real Estate, Medical Error, inventory and succession, contracts and others.


We provide services in this area through a partnership with Malta Martins Advocacia Empresarial.


Personalized service;

Periodic reports of easy comprehension about the processes involved;

Filing of the procedural documents;

Scheduling and notice periods, dates of hearings, payments, expert opinions;

Newsletters - Constant updating of leading legal news;

Acting concurrently with legal departments of companies;

Partnership with offices in other cities and states, providing a faster service for the client.

Courses and lectures in the office auditorium or in company, in order to prepare companies for the day to day relation with employees, customers and service providers.

Fones: (51) 3466-4177 - 3472-1856 - 3059-1444

Rua Victor Kessler, 194, Canoas/RS - CEP 92310-360 | tavarespanizzi@tavarespanizzi.com.br