Fields of Expertise

An integrated multidisciplinary operation

Technical excellence, experience and agile

Preventive action and litigation relating to Labor Relations

What is it?

Consultancy and litigation services on labor law for companies, in order to improve the relationship between the company and its employees, thereby, reducing risks and costs.

Solutions and Benefits

  • Assisting Human Resources departments and providing legal advice;
  • Union negotiations;
  • Planning and implementing new practices and changes as a result of legislation, such as Labor Reform;
  • Defending companies in administrative proceedings and lawsuits at all levels and stages;
  • Drafting reports, specific to the company’s requirements, using innovative software, with information on proceedings, updates on progress, costs, etc.

Planning, reducing tax burdens and improving competitiveness

What is it?

We provide a modern and strategic legal service that is focused on the specific economic / tax situation of the client. The main objective is to reduce their tax burden and operating costs, increase competitiveness and ensure the continuity of the company.

Solutions and Benefits

  • Conduct a study of the client’s specific situation, based on a thorough understanding of the economic and tax position, in order to draw up strategic plans for the company;
  • Legal advice on how to achieve tax benefits, by litigating through the courts or by administrative proceedings, based on test cases strategically designed according to the profile of the company being advised;
  • Consultancy and advice on how best to adhere to the Specific Tax Regimes, by means of feasibility studies, framework agreements with the competent authorities, as well as monitoring and monthly reviews of the regime, in order to maintain the framework;
  • Expertise in tax reviews, reviews of passive credits for administrative use, calculating tax credits arising from lawsuits, seeking and following-up tax reviews and the payment of tax credits with the tax authorities;
  • Continuous consultancy, providing strategic tax support to aid managers’ decision making, including contract review, consultations with the tax authorities and being constantly available for advice on matters relating to tax.

Legal assurance for the online environment and handling personal data

What is it?

As a result of the exponential growth of technology in business, we provide this service to assist companies that operate online, in order to minimize their risks and enable them to grow their online business organically.

Solutions and Benefits

  • Legal and technical assistance to enable companies to adapt to the General Data Protection Law and other relevant laws and regulations;
  • Legal advice on implementing new forms of business, using technology and the internet;
  • Litigating in court or administrative proceedings relating to the online environment.

Negotiations, Contracts and Risk Prevention

What is it?

Assurance to actively protect the company’s business interests, in order to mitigate the potential risks from hiring employees, improve processes and maximize returns.

Solutions and Benefits

  • Comprehensive legal assurance during business negotiations;
  • Legal advice on drafting, reviewing and negotiating business contracts, such as suppliers, purchasing and sales, management, sales representation, commission, and others.

Preventive action and defending companies in relation to consumer protection laws

What is it?

Preventive service aimed at manufacturers, store-owners, technical support and other parties in a supply chain; designed to prevent any lawsuits or administrative proceedings. In addition, we provide strategic planning and can act for the client in processes raised by consumers across the country.

Solutions and Benefits

  • Preventive legal advice, providing an analysis of the risks and weaknesses in a company in relation to consumer protection;
  • Defending the client in and managing court and administrative proceedings arising from consumer relations at all levels and stages;
  • Supporting the company so that it acts appropriately in relation to e-commerce, adapting procedures to the particular legal requirements of sales both online and through physical stores.

Assurance for real estate deals

What is it?

Our activities in real estate involve preventive advice and consulting on litigation. We give the client assurance, innovation and reliability in all their legal needs.

Solutions and Benefits

  • Preventive advice on how to mitigate risks in real estate deals;
  • Advice on drafting, reviewing and negotiating real estate contracts;
  • Working with Notary Services for Real Estate Registries and other public agencies;
  • Acting in suits related to leasing, possession orders / real estate ownership, etc.

Acting for clients in respect of wills and inventorying and dividing assets

What is it?

We provide multidisciplinary support that focuses on the best option for the future inheritance of the client’s assets.

Solutions and Benefits

  • Inheritance planning;
  • Inventories and lists;
  • Wills and Dividing assets;
  • Expertise in litigating in cases involving inheritance issues.

The Pillars of Our Service

Experience and innovation

Personalized service

Use of specific legal software to manage processes, risk management, data analysis and costing

Regular easy-to-understand reports on processes

Submission of the main documents in proceedings

Scheduling and notice of deadlines, dates of hearings, payments, expert witnesses

Regular updates on the most significant legal news

Acting in conjunction with corporate legal departments

Newsletters - Regular updates

Working in partnership with offices in other cities and states, providing flexible customer service

Courses and lectures in the firm’s auditorium or ‘In Company, that can ensure companies are ready to deal with employees, customers and service providers

National Coverage

Tavares and Panizzi operates nationwide and has a network of fully qualified staff from all over the country, so that we can provide our clients with security and convenience.